Hi, my name is Zack, welcome to my website. I own a waterless car wash in Los Angeles, California. I write reviews and guides about eco-friendly products on my spare time. I have been in the eco-friendly products and services business for over 15 years. I like, sharing my knowledge and experience about green products with others.

What is this website about?

Our goal is to raise awareness and provide individual solutions to global warming. We asked ourselves, What can I do to stop global warming? Started analyzing the causes of global warming. After figuring out major causes of climate change, we Set our first Goal for our website. Electricity bill is our first target since it is the biggest portion of the #1 cause of climate change,  Electricity & Heat Production. After analyzing our electricity bill, we created a Shortlist.  On top of the list is Heating & Cooling because 55% of our electricity bill is Heating & Cooling related. We will create a step by step guide to lower your Electric bill. What are the most effective ways to lower heating and cooling costs?. We published a very detailed guide about the things you can do and products you can get to lessen your carbon footprint in the world called How to lower your Electric Bill.

What’s our Mission

We are trying to help everyone to learn to consume differently.

What you buy matters, if you buy the right products economy will adapt to this new consumer behavior.

What you eat matters, if we just switch from beef to chicken (or anything else) just for one meal a week, it has a huge impact on climate.

How you get your power matters, if we can stop using coal for electricity production we can slow down climate.

We are publishing articles about what you can do & reviews about products that can help.

We are passionate about our goal and we believe in E Pluribus Unum, Out of many One.

What’s life after all? A global unity movement.