Typical Utility Bill

The annual  electric bill  can be broken down to this simple list.

  1. Heating 29%
  2. Electronics 21%
  3. Cooling 13%
  4. Water heating 13%
  5. Appliances 12%
  6.  Lighting 12%

After we created the list, we decided that our first target is Heating, How to lower heating and cooling bill?

When I was living on rent in Hollywood hills my heating bill during one winter was 700 dollars a month. The owner didn’t want to fix the leaks and isolation on the heater. I had to call the government in to do an inspection and only after that they fixed all the leaks and heater at home. So this topic is close home for me. The most part of the heating bill is thermostats that we are using. They are old and not sufficient for the 21st century. If we set your thermostat to scale back our heating or cooling when we are asleep or away.  Over the course of a year, this alone could save us $180. I think this topic has some momentum and people would be interested in. We decided to start with Thermostats.


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