No Cost ways to save energy at home


After documenting the most efficient ways to save on energy, we ended up with a large set of data about the subject. The post has been posted around the internet and received great interest from frugal folks and environmentalists.  We would like to thank those who shared the post and caused our servers to crash in the process.

There were lots of specific questions about the data, We couldn’t answer all the questions due to resource constraints. We decided to make a list of most popular questions from social media and comment section.

What are the best ways to save energy at home without spending a dime?

We will be listing Best No Cost ways to save energy on this post. The list contains actions you can take that cost no money that will save you energy at home. These are the first steps you should take when you are trying to lower your electric bill to save money. You will also lower your carbon footprint to save the environment. Two birds with one stone.

It will be followed by Cheapest Ways to Save energy. These are actions you can take that cost money but will save you money.

We also made a list of Worst ways to save energy. This is the list of lies people tells you that will save you money but has no effect on your finances.

The last list is a straight list of savings per year from all the actions in our database.

No Cost ways to save energy at home

Here is your first to-do list to lower your electric bill and carbon footprint.


Furnace Fan on change to auto$905.81
2nd fridge get rid of / unplug A27$339.03
Freezer get rid of / unplug$226.45
Waterbed use quilted pad, no heat$226.45
TV off when not used vs. background noise$194.10
Stereo off when not used$155.28
Fans, drapes, etc. instead of Air Conditioning$142.34
Setback Heat 8°F, 8 hrs/day$138.46
Turn off heat and close off unused rooms?$129.40
Computer off when not used vs. screen saver$103.52
Lower Heating Thermostat$103.52
Shorter/Fewer Showers reduce by 4 minutes/day$38.82
Clothesline 1⁄2 of loads, 2x savings if electric dryer$36.23
Power Strip: TV+ digital cable & satellite boxes worst$34.94
Cold Wash Laundry 1⁄2 hot loads to warm/cold$32.35
Power Strip: Computer+$32.35
Humidifier unplug – not needed in tight home$25.88
Fans off when room is empty in summer$15.53

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