Programmable Thermostat Reviews are sometimes dishonest

Programmable Thermostat Reviews by major reviews sites are sometimes dishonest. There are numerous flaws with the new WiFi thermostats. The main problem being they end up costing you more and end up wasting more electricity instead of saving. Most reviewers claim that these products will end up saving them money, but this is a lie.

Study after study and most recently the United States department of energy’s study  has concluded that  that only person with a strong motivation to save energy or money or both can benefit from energy saving features of programmable thermostats.The rest of the population is likely to use them to maintain a comfortable temperature in their houses. Installation of programmable thermostats alone does not lead to reliable energy savings. Effective use of energy saving features enabled by programmable thermostats depends on many factors besides usability. The study demonstrates that home occupants strive to achieve thermal comfort in their homes regardless of what thermostat model they have. Without motivation to save energy, high usability alone is not enough to facilitate the use of energy saving features in programmable thermostats.

These thermostats have not saved money to people living in affordable housing, meaning they are not rich in the first place. Imagine what they will do to middle-income people. We will still finish this part of the project by writing reviews about the products to move to the next step to cut the electricity bill.

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