Thermostat Rebates and Incentives

Latest Updates June 2017

Nest Rebates and Incentives

The Nest Learning Thermostat learns what temperatures you like so it can keep you comfortable and help you save energy. Now KCP&L and Nest are working together to help it do even more.

Sign up for Rush Hour Rewards to get a Nest Thermostat at no cost from KCP&L. You’ll also get a $50 check after you install your Nest Thermostat and $25 for every additional year you stay enrolled. Kansas City Power and Light Company is an electric utility company serving the Kansas City metropolitan area. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Great Plains Energy Incorporated of which it is the biggest component.

Rush Hour Rewards helps you use less energy on hot summer afternoons while allowing you to stay comfortable and in control.

Ecobee Rebates and Incentives

Indiana Costumers only. Indiana Michigan Power utility company offering demand response program. You will install an app to monitor and adjust your thermostat usage to participate in the program. Indiana Michigan Power will get to adjust your thermostat settings during peak times using this app if you approve the adjustments as they happen.

Participation in demand response events is optional, however, and you get a credit on your bill for your participation and reduction in energy use. Even if you do not want to participate in on-demand response events, $100 rebate on a smart thermostat and free professional installation is a no brainer. If you participate in the program you will get.

  • $100 rebate on Ecobee3 smart wifi enabled thermostat.
  • $75 rebate on Ecobee3 Lite smart wifi enabled thermostat.
  • $125 discount on professional installation by a Technician

March 2017

Honeywell Rebates and Incentives

Some utility companies can charge you up to 7x the typical rate during peak demand. When you enroll in a Demand Response program you can save money on your energy bill without having to lift a finger. 14% of peak US energy could be cut with Demand Response. This could reduce your costs and eases stress on electric utility systems. Heating and cooling systems across US homes release 150 million tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere. Consuming less energy can reduce the levels of pollutants released and ensure a healthier environment.

Honeywell introduced demand response Sign up now with your utility’s Demand Response program and start saving today. Explore available offers.

Check out the video here.

How to Find the rebates and Incentives for your new thermostat?

Figuring out the right Thermostat Rebates could be confusing. Most of the thermostat companies have rebates and incentives page where you can type in your zip code and will display the companies they work with and where you can get some extra money.

There are also government programs in every state and city. Ther are also federal tax breaks related to lowering your carbon footprint.
Most of the major programmable thermostats makers qualify for rebates and incentives. If you are purchasing a new thermostat, don’t forget to check the brand’s website for Intensives section. These offers include free thermostats and free sensors at no cost. Security companies offer free thermostats or free sensors with the service purchase.  Most electricity companies and some solar panel companies offer free thermostats as well. You can also get Federal Tax breaks for installing a WiFi thermostat in your house. Before you make your purchase make sure to check these links out.

Links for Thermostat Rebates

For Ecobee Thermostats use the following link for rebates.

For Nest, Products use the following link for rebates and discounts.

For Honeywell Thermostats use the following link for discounts.

For Honeywell Thermostats use the following link for rebates

Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency

California Only: You can turn in your old mercury thermostat for $5-$10 dollar gift card at a Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) facility.


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