Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Get a Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat

Top 10 Reasons why you should buy a smart wi-fi thermostat

10) Smart Cooling

The new smart wi-fi thermostat has the ability to calculate how efficient your compressor is and save you more energy. For example, a normal thermostat will waste energy because it has no idea that you can turn off the compressor before you reach the target temperature. You A/C has compressor coils that stay cold after you turn off the machine. You can use this as an advantage by keeping the fan on after you turn off your A/C. New smart thermostats will learn how long the compressor coils stay cold after you turn you’re A/C off and keep the fan on after you turn off the A/C. Saving you money on energy and repair costs.

9) Smart Heating

You can either heat your home with your Heat pump, which uses little energy, or with your AUX system, which uses a lot of energy. The difference between them is how fast the house will warm up. AUX is a lot faster than Heat Pump. Old thermostats will waste energy by not balancing the two heating options efficiently. Your new smart thermostat will learn how long it takes your Heat Pump and AUX to heat your house. It will use this data to choose which system should be turn on or turn off. You will save on energy and repair costs of your system.

For example, you want your house to be at 72 degrees at 6pm when you get home. Old thermostats will turn on the AUX system at 4pm. The smart thermostat will turn on the Heat Pump at 4pm, and turn on the AUX system at 5pm. Your house will be at 72 degrees when you get home with both thermostats, buy you will waste a lot less energy with a smart wi-fi thermostat.

8) Smart System Control

Your old thermostat has no idea what kind of heating and cooling system you have. You might have an air system which will circulate air in your house to cool it down or heat it up. But if you have a different type of system like radiant, your old thermostat will treat it all the same. This might cause a lot problem.

For example, with radiant heating, it takes much longer to heat up compared to air heating systems. Radiator or in-floor radiant takes longer to heat up because you are heating the liquid and pipes carrying it. They also overheat your house because it takes them too long to cool down. Smart thermostats learn how long it will take for your radiator to heat up and cool down. It will adjust the temperature according to your system. This way you will not sweat in your bed at night because of your heating system overheat your house. Same thing happens during summer, your smart thermostat will make sure your system doesn’t over cool your house, so you don’t catch a cold during summer and was energy. Smart wi-fi thermostat can also tell you if your system needs maintenance. For example, mine told me the other that I should change my furnace filter.

7) More Comfort

The reason we have heating and cooling system is to be comfortable at home. Coming to a cool house during a hot day is great. Same thing when it’s freezing cold outside during winter. But with regular thermostats, you won’t be able to remotely set up the temperature at home. Smart thermostats are connected to Wi-Fi at home. You can access them with your cell phone of a computer at work. You are able to adjust the temperature before you get home or after leaving.

Smart thermostats work with voice commands as well. If you have Apple or Android phone, you can voice order your phone to set the temperature without touching a button. You can also get a housing hub, like Amazon Echo or the new Google Home, and control your thermostat with voice. It’s very comfortable to say “Siri, turn on the A/C” while sitting on your couch watching TV, or browsing the internet.

6) More Schedules

Regular thermostats do not have a schedule set up. You have to set your temperature all the time. If you have a programmable thermostat you have the option to setup 1 to 3 different schedules depending on the type of programmable thermostat you have. But with Smart thermostats you can set up hundreds of schedules if you want to. For example, you are going to golfing on Sunday and going to watch a game on TV on Saturday, and you are off on Friday. You can set up different schedules beforehand so your house is warm or cool whenever you need it. I don’t have to worry about adjusting the temperature every day.

5) Geofencing

What the hell is geofencing? I know I thought the same thing when I first heard the word. Geofencing is a fancy word meaning setting a fence around a location, but instead of a real fence is a virtual fence. So instead of calling it a virtual fence, geniuses called it geofencing. I don’t know why I didn’t come up with it, don’t ask me. But what it does is pretty amazing.

You can set up a virtual fence around your house or work. When you pass the fence physically with your cell phone in your pocket it sends a signal to your thermostat. Your thermostat doesn’t know your location but it knows that you are coming home or you just left it. This is an amazing invention because now I don’t have to worry about turning off the A/C when I leave home. It automatically does that. If I am heading home for a cold day out of my normal schedule, it turns on the heat so I come to a warm house. One less thing to think about.

4) Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat is more Secure

Smart thermostats are more secure compared to regular thermostats. They ask you to set up a personal password and login name during installation. They get regular security updates as time goes by. They are much more secure than older models. This way you don’t have to worry about someone hacking into your smart devices or computer using your thermostat.

3) Saving money

Your normal thermostat won’t save you money unless you really try it. Your smart thermostat, on the other hand, will save you money even you don’t do anything extra. I compared my heating bill to last year. For the same 3-month period during winter I saved over 100 dollars in heating costs. Independent studies confirm my experience with smart thermostats. The did extensive studies and it showed that you will save 15% on average compared to regular thermostats and 10% compare to a programmable thermostat. This means smart thermostat will pay itself in 2 years.

2) Saving earth

I have many friends, some are them are from the left and some of them are from the right. I have not met anyone who is against keeping the air clean and preserve the nature. I don’t care if you think the global warming is real or not. The earth is warming up, there is no doubt it. Some people turn this into a political debate but I think it’s nonsense. If you believe in climate change, you should get a smart thermostat and that’s that. If you think global hoax, for whatever reason, you should reconsider your opinion. Heating and Cooling energy consumption are the biggest reason of climate change. You can minimize your energy consumption by getting a smart thermostat.

1) Peace of mind

And the number one reason why you should get a smart thermostat. All of the other reasons I have mentioned here was building up to this last reason. Peace of mind is why you should really get a Smart Thermostat. Smart thermostat provides peace of mind that your house will be warm or cool when you get home. Wi-Fi thermostat gives you the peace of mind you need to help preserve the nature. It can create peace of mind for you by adjusting the temperature depending on your schedule.  New thermostats will save you more money, to achieve financial peace of mind. Smart thermostats help you become more comfortable in your home, give you peace of mind.

You shouldn’t think about your heating and cooling in the 21st century. A Smart wi-fi thermostat help you do just that.



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